Who We Are?

Hello and welcome,

It`s great to have you here with us.                                    Survivalnowx is a uk based company that provides all of our readers with up to date information along with news of products you may find useful.

In a world of growing uncertainty where we are all surrounded by very serious threats to our very survival it becomes more important every day that we all protect ourselves and our loved ones.

With Pandemics being spread at an alarming rate,Accelerated by the mass movement of people worldwide it has now become clear that a deadly uncontrolled outbreak has the power to threaten the very existence of humankind.

Regardless of the continuing cries of denial by some world leaders who will remain nameless the presence of global warming is clear for everyone to see.Unlike a Pandemic which at the moment at least,Seems to affect just humans,Global warming is an increasing threat to every living thing.

All humans,All animals,All plantlife,Ultimately destroying earth itself,Yes don`t forget the Earth itself is a living thing,Every living thing is under threat.

Pay regular visits to our website so you can keep up to date with developments and have the best chance of protecting yourself and your family.